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Getting moving is health prevention! Practicing physical activity regularly helps maintain good health, as does eating a balanced diet, sleeping well, managing stress, etc. Whatever your choice of sporting activity, the main thing is to practice it regularly and enjoy it.


I welcome you to the Bizanos Pilates Studio for group classes (9 people maximum), in pairs or individually, on mats or on Pilates reformer machines. Several levels are offered, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Pilates Bizanos

Pilates, what is it?

Pilates is a non-impact physical activity focused on deep muscle strengthening. This discipline is practiced on the ground (Matwork) or on machines (reformer, Cadillac, etc.) and is accessible to all. It offers a wide variety of exercises and equipment. Pilates aims to harmonize the silhouette, to realign the body in an optimal posture while becoming stronger internally. You will rediscover your body in order to better understand and control it. The practice of Pilates focuses on the use of two essential muscles: the perineum and the transverse. These two muscles work in synergy and learning to use and strengthen them will contribute, among other things, to having a strong and healthy back. Pilates is done barefoot or with non-slip socks.


The Pilates matwork class takes place on a mat (“mat” meaning mat and “work” meaning work). Classes can be taken in a group (maximum 9 people), in pairs or solo. Each class lasts one hour, where all necessary materials are provided on site. All you need to do is bring comfortable sports clothing, a bottle of water and a towel to cover the mat. For group lessons, two levels are offered: 

  • Beginner: For those with no experience or who have only taken a few courses.

  • Intermediate/Advanced: intended for regular practitioners who know and are comfortable with several exercises from the Joseph Pilates repertoire (hundred, single leg stretch, double leg stretch, shoulder bridge, etc.).

For duo or individual lessons, I adapt to your needs and requests to offer you a personalized lesson.


The reformer is a machine used in the practice of Pilates. It is made up of a mobile cart, springs to vary the intensity of the exercises, straps and other accessories.


Reformer courses are open to all levels and adapt to all profiles. For beginners, the classes allow a gradual introduction to the exercises.


Intermediate to advanced exercisers will find deeper muscle strengthening and increased range of motion. For one hour, I will listen to you to offer you a tailor-made course.


It is possible to target specific areas of the body during the class (work on the lower body or abdominal muscles, for example).

Pilates Pau

Several levels are offered, ranging from beginner to advanced. One of the most appreciable things about this discipline is its accessibility: absolutely everyone can practice Pilates! If you decide to take my classes, here is what you will find at the studio:

  • In a good mood

  • Dynamism

  • Quality work

  • A caring teacher, committed to helping you progress and who really likes to tickle your abs

In conclusion, you will not see the time passing.

Pilates studio
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