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Dietitian Bizanos



Whether you live near Pau, in France or abroad, we can work together. Consultations can take place in person, in my professional space in Bizanos, or online (via Zoom). Video consultations take place in the same way as those in the office.


Whether it is to lose weight, benefit from nutritional monitoring as an amateur or professional athlete, manage digestive disorders, adapt your diet to certain pathologies or simply adopt new eating habits, you are in the right place. If we work together, your needs will be taken into account individually.

the Rendez Vous

I offer nutrition consultations either on site, in the Bizanos Pilates studio, or by video.


During 1h15 we will be able to take stock of your diet and lifestyle (physical activity, family history, etc.). We will also discuss your goals, expectations and possible obstacles. During this consultation, we will establish a balanced diet adapted to your culinary habits and your tastes. At the end of this appointment, you will receive a PDF document including a summary of our discussions, your personalized dietary program adapted to your needs, a letter to give to your doctor if a biological analysis is recommended, personalized advice, recipes and thematic sheets.


For 40 minutes, we will take stock of the changes made since the first meeting, your progress as well as any difficulties encountered and your questions. Follow-up consultations are generally spaced 4 weeks apart (or more depending on your needs and availability). This aims to maintain your commitment while benefiting from my support, because I am as invested in achieving your goals as you are. It is important to note that the nutritional assessment is not enough by itself to achieve your goals. Some needs may require 2 follow-up consultations while others may require more than 5.


In addition to individual consultations, as a dietitian, I am committed to promoting “eating” well while promoting local products and small producers. Sharing my knowledge and contributing to health prevention are part of my job. I propose interventions:

  • In sports clubs (adults, adolescents, children, amateurs, semi-pro and pro).

  • In companies.

  • In educational establishments.

  • During sporting events.

  • During thematic meetings organized in cafes or sports stores.

For more information, do not hesitate toContact me.

dietitian Pau
  • Diploma
    BTS Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • OREKA training
    Micronutrition and supplementation Nutrition and supplementation for pregnant, lactating women and young children Athlete nutrition and supplementation
  • Information monitoring
    Information monitoring work is essential. The fields of sports nutrition, micronutrition, microbiota, among others, are evolving rapidly. This work allows me to update my knowledge in order to better advise you.
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