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Julie Da Rocha



I am Julie Da Rocha, dietician-nutritionist and Pilates teacher. I offer consultations either on site, in the Bizanos Pilates studio, or online and Pilates classes taught at the studio.

Before being a dietician and Pilates teacher, I was a geologist. I hesitated for a long time between geology and nutrition, these two disciplines are more similar than one might think. One influences the earth, the other our body and our mind. After several years of climbing mountains, I decided to retrain. Firstly, by becoming a sports coach, then, secondly, a dietician-nutritionist.

Reform Bizanos

Sport has always been part of my life. I have been running since I was 7 years old and that remains the case today. I grew up with the values of sport and the well-being that it provides no longer needs to be demonstrated by science. Following a car accident, I discovered Pilates. Like many, I had prejudices about this discipline which seemed “boring” to me. But I quickly realized how wrong I was since I made it my profession! Since I was 18, Pilates has been an integral part of my sports routine, in addition to running, cycling, cross-country skiing and hiking.

Regarding food, I love eating, cooking and sharing friendly moments around a good meal. We are what we eat, and eating well constitutes a real prevention for health! This profession of dietitian is a profession of the heart. During consultations, I take the time to listen to you and talk with you. We define your diet together, aiming to bring you balance, pleasure and health while meeting your goals and needs. 


My specialties

I offer consultations either on site at the Pilates studio in Bizanos, or by video. Whether you are in the Pau region, in France, or abroad, you have the possibility of being supported in your approach.

Contrary to popular belief, the role of a dietitian is not limited to losing weight through restrictive diets. This is certainly not my way of working, and the term “restriction” is not part of my vocabulary. Here you can lose weight while having a fun diet. You can also consult a dietician simply to optimize your diet according to your needs, or for a preventative approach to health.

Pau region

Some personal experiences have influenced my areas of expertise in nutrition, including sports, thyroid issues, digestive disorders and endometriosis.


Since 2023, I have been working in sports clubs for adults, adolescents and children. Furthermore, I continue to enrich my range of services by working with companies, schools, during sporting events, as well as through thematic meetings organized in cafés or sports stores.


Working as a freelancer allows me to take the time to discuss with you, to have an overall vision of your diet and your lifestyle, while taking into account your expectations and constraints.


Pilates classes take place at the Pilates studio in Bizanos. I offer Pilates matwork classes (on the floor with mats) in groups, individuals or pairs. Individual or duo reformer classes (Pilates machine) are also available. The courses are adapted to your level, your possible injuries, pathologies, and are open to all!

dietitian Pau
  • Diploma
    BTS Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • OREKA training
    Micronutrition and supplementation Nutrition and supplementation for pregnant, lactating women and young children Athlete nutrition and supplementation
  • Information monitoring
    Information monitoring work is essential. The fields of sports nutrition, micronutrition, microbiota, among others, are evolving rapidly. This work allows me to update my knowledge in order to better advise you.
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