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Appointments for dietary consultations can be made directly on the website. You can book a face-to-face appointment at the office or via video.

Registration for Pilates classes (group, duo or solo) is now done online. Please refer to the relevant pages to complete your registration.


However, I remain available via the contact form, by e-mail or telephone if you have any questions.

For any intervention requests, including prices and travel possibilities, please contact me directly.

Dietitian Bizanos


Location: Bizanos (address provided once reservation is made)

Telephone number: 07 85 82 47 66


Response time: within 2-3 working days.


  • Diploma
    BTS Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • OREKA training
    Micronutrition and supplementation Nutrition and supplementation for pregnant, lactating women and young children Athlete nutrition and supplementation
  • Information monitoring
    Information monitoring work is essential. The fields of sports nutrition, micronutrition, microbiota, among others, are evolving rapidly. This work allows me to update my knowledge in order to better advise you.

Merci pour votre envoi !

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