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Pilates studio Pau
Dietitian Bizanos

Nutrition & Pilates for everyone!

Adapt your diet to your needs and strengthen your body in depth with Julie Da Rocha, dietician-nutritionist and certified Pilates teacher, in Bizanos (Pau) or by video from France or abroad.

The studio

I offer nutrition consultations either on site, in the Bizanos Pilates studio, or by video as well as face-to-face Pilates and reformer classes. Reservations are made directly on this website.


Whether it is to lose weight, benefit from nutritional monitoring as an amateur or professional athlete, manage digestive disorders, adapt your diet to certain pathologies or simply adopt new eating habits, you are in the right place.


Pilates is a physical activity focused on deep muscle strengthening, without impact. I offer classes in groups, in pairs or individually, on mats or on Pilates reformer machines. Several levels are offered, ranging from beginner to advanced. 


Julie Da Rocha

I am a dietitian-nutritionist and Pilates teacher, in Bizanos and online.

During consultations, I take the time to listen to you and talk with you. We define your diet together, aiming to bring you balance, pleasure and health, while meeting your goals and needs.


I support in particular athletes (amateurs, semi-pro and pro), people wishing to lose weight or encountering resistance to weight loss, those suffering from digestive disorders, certain female pathologies (endometriosis and PCOS) and certain thyroid disorders.

Julie Da Rocha





Regarding Pilates classes, if you decide to take my classes, here is what you will find at the studio:

  • In a good mood

  • Dynamism

  • Quality work

  • A caring teacher, committed to helping you progress and who really likes to tickle your abs

In conclusion, you will not see the time passing!

Pilates Reformer Pau
online dietitian

Online reservations



“Very pleasant and friendly person, gives very, very good advice. I recommend it. »


The blog

We will talk, among other things, about health prevention, sport, food and culinary travel. Through this space, I want to share advice, recipes, tips and inspiration with you. This blog will be updated as regularly as possible, you will find additional information on my Instagram page. Good reading !

The newsletter

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